Ravens Invest in Baltimore City School

Ed Reed, former Raven, is helping support the Renaissance Academy

The Baltimore Ravens have invested $1.5 million to upgrade a struggling Baltimore City school.

The renovations were unveiled Monday in west Baltimore.

“It’s welcoming,” explained Renaissance Academy Principal Nikkia Rowe, speaking of the renovations. “We know that environment plays a roll. It makes a difference for our children and our staff.”

Less than a year ago, Renaissance Academy was nearly shut down after a student was stabbed and killed in a hallway. Principal Rowe and her students faced an uncertain future, until the Baltimore Ravens saw the community fighting to keep their school open and stepped in to help.

When students returned in early September, they found a school they could be proud of, with new windows, doors, walls, ceilings and floors. Former Raven Ed Reed was there as the $1.5 million in upgrades were unveiled.

“You want to make sure they have an environment they can go to and it changes their lives in a great, a positive way. Not every kid has clean paint when they leave here in their home. Not every kid is going to have somebody supporting them – like they have here. To change this scenery, to change this environment is huge,” said Reed.

But will it make a difference? Renaissance Academy is a school that struggles academically. Last year, according to state testing, one student in the entire school scored proficient in math. The year before, that number was zero. But now, with a new main entrance and common area, modern science labs and arts rooms, Principal Rowe says this renovation is more than just fresh paint, it’s a fresh start.

“Children who are coming from tough backgrounds or challenging backgrounds, get that there is an investment in them,” she said. “We’re hoping for a large return on that investment.”

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