Secretary Ben Carson to aid in education overhaul

Secretary Ben Carson to aid in education overhaul (WBFF)

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- What is the future of public education in America? Whatever that is, Dr. Ben Carson wants to use his new position as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to help guide it.

Project Baltimore Lead Investigative reporter Chris Papst sat down with Dr. Carson and learned how much he credits his early childhood education for his success. I learned he also doesn’t think being the secretary of HUD means he can’t influence public schools.

Carson was raised in inner-city Detroit by a single mom who worked multiple jobs. She had a third-grade education and could barely read. But Carson says she wanted more for her children and knew education was the way out. That devotion turned Ben Carson into Dr. Carson, a world-renowned pediatric brain surgeon at Johns Hopkins.

“It doesn’t matter what a person’s background is,” Carson says, “if you get them a good education, they will pretty much write their own ticket.”

When asked about Baltimore City Schools, Carson said, “I’ve met a lot of the people in the Baltimore City School system. There are some good people there, but there are also some failing schools.”

Carson believes students should be allowed to transfer out of those failing schools. But first, parents need to know which ones are failing.

The Secretary tells FOX45, HUD will partner with the Departments of Education and Justice to identify the safest schools, with the most opportunities and best student outcomes. He believes if parents are better informed, it will lead to better outcomes for their children and mores success stories like his own.

“We live in a society that is free and people tend to gravitate towards the things that work,” Carson said.

Carson is a strong proponent of school choice and student vouchers. He believes parents should be allowed to choose the best schools for their children.

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