Baltimore mayor unveils crime plan update, says a plan was always in place

Baltimore mayor talks new crime plan, unveils free community college (WBFF)

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh walks into a City Hall conference room to introduce an updated crime plan.

While an update is here, the measurements to assess if the plan is working are not.

At the beginning of the press conference Wednesday, Pugh says she has always had a plan to fight crime in Baltimore.

"I don't want people to think that we came into City Hall without a plan, because we did," Pugh said.

The updated plan highlights four goals:

-Making Baltimore Safe

-Keeping Baltimore Healthy

-Engaging Baltimore Youth

-Moving Baltimore Forward

Each goal has a list of objectives, e.g., “Increase Effective Policing in Baltimore” or “Increase Opportunities for Youth to Thrive and to Avoid Criminal Activity.”

Those objectives are then followed by strategies like “Continue to foster a diverse housing stock” and “Expand the use of the mobile app Baltimore PD, which provides important safety information.”

According to the latest police statistics, violent crime in the city is up 16 percent this year versus the same time last year. Total crime is up 7 percent.

Fox45 showed the updated crime plan to City Councilman Brandon Scott. He likes parts of the plan but says it lacks accountability for city agencies and their crime fighting efforts.

"It doesn't say how we're going to reduce this, or we're going to attack this issue, and try to reduce it by this amount by this time," Scott said.

The mayor says new measurements are being created to ensure her crime plan’s goals are met. Before she introduced the update, she named the new director of CitiStat, Kendra Parloch, who will be creating those measurements.

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