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Who We Are

  • Advanced Technologies

    Advanced Technologies

    Our new eye care centers use the latest technology to deliver the highest quality of exam, care and product solutions to you. 

    • When we examine your eyes, our doctors use the most modern examination equipment available to ensure an accurate, efficient examination and diagnosis. And the latesteyewear innovations— from photochromic lenses, like Transitions®, to advanced sports eyewear that eliminates uncomfortable head straps— are available right in oureyewear centers.

    • Our vision laboratory, where your glasses are made, features a state-of-the-art eyeglass manufacturing technology and software that have established new industry standards of quality and efficency and reduce errors.

    • Sure technology is cool.

    • But more importantly, it allows us to deliver the best possible care and eyeware to you. 
  • Expertise


    Healthy eyes and a healthy body go hand in hand. That’s why our vision of health extends far beyond your eyes to include your health and wellness, even your lifestyle. 

    Our unique approach means you get a superior eye examination and the eyewear you need, all under one roof. Your eyes never had it so good.

  • Education


    Your eyes say so much about you. But we want you to know more. From your very first visit to our website to your eye examination and eyewear selection, we give you the facts you need to make smart decisions. Providing information for you and you alone.

    • During your eye examination we’ll explain the purpose of the equipment we use, so you can become more comfortable as well as knowledgeable about your eye care and health.

    • We’ll share information through our website’s Knowledge Base and Eye Health Glossary. Throughout the year, we’ll host seminars on eye health at our EyeFit centers.

    • Knowledge is critical to eye – and total body – health. Look to us for the information you need to stay EyeFit.
  • Personalized Approach

    Personalized Approach

    Your eyes. Your examination. Your prescription. Personalized to you, no two eye examinations or eyewear prescriptions are the same. We consider your stage of life and take the time to learn about your goals, lifestyle, general health and eyewear needs and preferences. Why? Because each of these elements impacts your eye health.

    • That’s how our doctors and opticians determine how they will examine your eyes, the information they will give you, the eyewear they will recommend, and even the ways they will communicate with you after your examination.

    • Add in specialty eyewear along with the latest styles and designer brands – including Kate Spade®, Gucci® and Ted Baker® – available right in our eyewear centers to ensure you get the look you want. And if we don’t carry a specific designer or product, we can get it for you.

    • When it comes to your eye health, we look at the big picture. But we never lose sight of you in it.
  • Specialized Medical Care

    Specialized Medical Care

    Eye health goes way beyond 20/20 vision. At EyeFit, we provide specialized medical care that you won’t find at most eye centers. Because your eyes are the windows to your overall health, we take a thorough approach to your eye exam and eyewear selection process.

    • All of our Doctors of Optometry practice at the highest level of licensure, which includes providing comprehensive eye exams, prescribing medication for eye problems and even suggesting vitamins to keep your eyes healthy. And our eyewear professionals are required to undergo EyeFit’s eye health certification program so that they can make product recommendations based on your eye health history, needs and activities.

    • Both our doctors and eyewear professionals talk about and review your information. Everyone is on the same page about what you need, so you get the care you deserve
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