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Charm City Champions

Charm City Champions

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Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Mispronounces New England Players Names

Updated: Sunday, January 20 2013, 01:33 PM EST
In a phone conversation with the mayor of Baltimore, Boston mayor Tom Menino calls Vince Wilfork "Wilcock" and refers to Rob Gronkowski as "Gonk".

Menino was letting Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake know how the Patriots were in good shape with Tom Brady and Stevan Ridley running the show.

At that point Menino, who was wearing a Vince Wilfork jersey,  had to continue to look at a paper to sound like he knew his team. Menino glanced down again,  before boasting to Mayor Rawlings-Blake about “Wilcock?” A reporter corrected the mayor, but it was over at that point.

Menino then went on to tell the opposing mayor how Rob Gronkowski or “Gonk” was hurt and wouldn’t play.

Mayor Menino is publicly known for his "mumbles".
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Mispronounces New England Players Names

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