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Elementary School Custodian Showing Purple Pride with

Updated: Wednesday, January 23 2013, 08:47 PM EST
SEVERNA PARK -- Mike Duvall has worked as a custodian at Oak Hill Elementary School for 11 years.  All the while, he says he has been a season ticket holder for the Baltimore Ravens.

"I think, because, he's the biggest Ravens fan I know," student Pierce Brenner said.

Duvall is widely known at Oak Hill Elementary as "Mr. Mike."

"He wears Ravens jerseys, Ravens beads, necklaces, hats," student Kayla Mireles said.

He awards students with "bird bucks" for doing tasks or good deeds.  Students cash in the "bird bucks" for a chance to sit at the Ravens table during lunch.

"I just love the Ravens, you know. And, I want them to support my team," Duvall said. "I'm family to a lot of these kids. If I left now, there'd be so many kids in here crying, and that's no lie."

Parents say Mr. Mike has been a positive influence on students.

"He has been a Ravens institution in our school for years," parent Heather Foley said. "The kids could not wait to get to school on Tuesday to see Mr. Mike and hear him talk about Sunday's game."

Oak Hill Elementary Principal Deneen Houghton says Duvall's positive attitude is great for students.

"I think that it's because the kids go home to their parents, and they talk about Mr. Mike and what Mr. Mike did," Houghton said. "Not that we would lose our purple pride, but this just gives us two more weeks of being excited."

Duvall attended the AFC Championship game in Foxboro, Mass., Sunday.  He says Super Bowl tickets are too expensive.Elementary School Custodian Showing Purple Pride with

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