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Charm City Champions

Charm City Champions

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Ravens Fans Feeling After Effects of Super Bowl Win

Updated: Thursday, February 7 2013, 05:34 PM EST
It was a late night for many die-hard Baltimore Ravens fans who were either celebrating in the streets or watching endless highlights on television.

Some fans admit they were late to work, and some admit they never even got any sleep.

Brian Needel, who owns Lenny's Deli at Baltimore's Harborplace, admits he is a football junkie.

He says he watched highlights of the Ravens' Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers most of the night, switching from one station to another.

Needel, who was wearing a new Super Bowl T-shirt, says his wife bought him the shirt earlier Monday morning.

"The game was over at 11 o'clock, and I've been up since and was here at 6:30 so I'm dragging a little but it's a beautiful day," said Needel.

Some of Needel's customers at Lenny's are apparently just as passionate about the Ravens as he is.

Christine Shaffer, who works at the Maryland Port Adminsitration, stopped by to pick up a sandwich.

She said "I haven't slept but I'm at work and ready and waiting for parade tomorrow."

Shaffer, who was wearing a Ravens jersey, says her boss at the Port Administration does not mind if she and other employees wear Ravens attire even if it's not "purple Friday."

Some employees who work in Downtown Baltimore are not sure they'll be able to take off work to attend the Ravens Super Bowl Parade on Tuesday, but they hope to get a glimpse of the parade during their lunch hour. Ravens Fans Feeling After Effects of Super Bowl Win

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