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A coastal storm will ride to our east, throwing moisture into building cold air overhead Wednesday. This means rain and snow mix developing for the entire area Tuesday night and for a very busy travel day on Wednesday. By the time it tapers late Wednesday, we could see up to three inches of snow here in the city, and maybe even up to four inches or so in places like Carroll County.


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Charm City Champions

Charm City Champions

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Ravens Fans Willing to Pay to See AFC Championship

Updated: Wednesday, January 16 2013, 02:58 PM EST
Ravens fans are scrambling to figure out the best way to get to Boston to see Sunday's game.

If you plan on taking the train, a round trip ticket on Amtrak is about $192.

By air, the cheapest fights on Expedia from Baltimore to Boston are around $500 for a round trip. Southwest offers a flight into Providence, Rhode Island for cheaper, but the price does not include a rental car. 

Another option is to drive; however, Mapquest says it would take more than seven hours to get to Foxboro, Massachusetts. 

One event coordinator has also organized the "B-More-Around-Town" bus where the bus fare, stadium tickets and hotel are included for about $600.

While fans try to figure out the best mode of transportation, the best advice is to not wait to decide. Tickets for all modes of transportation are selling quickly. Ravens Fans Willing to Pay to See AFC Championship

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