Pay it Forward: Cindy Tawiah

FOX45 and cancer treatment centers of America are helping Maryland's unsung heroes continue to make a difference in the community with $500 to pay it forward.

This month's winner is Cindy Tawiah, who is a part of the "Diva project," a day of beauty for victims of domestic violence.

For Cindy it was a life of abuse that prompted her to change lives.

"I believe that there's nothing more powerful than a human soul on fire," Cindy says. "It can be either way because when you trample on somebody you either give them reason to come back pushing punching and kicking or they retreat and in my situation I wanted to come back punching and kicking and helping others to do the same."

So she started the Diva Project, helping victims of domestic violence by giving them a day of beauty.

Since 2004 Cindy has pampered more than 400 women. She teaches them passion and purpose, healing minds, bodies and souls.

FOX45 and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are awarding Cindy $500 to help her to pay it forward.

Cindy's next day of beauty will be in October. For more information you can go to her website at

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