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      BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Monday is the calm before the storm.

      For back-to-work, our Monday will feature clouds and maybe a late-day shower with seasonable highs in the mid 40s. Monday night, rain develops and mixes with snow as our next system moves in. Temperatures will settle to near freezing. Though it appears nearly everyone will be snowing overnight, if temperatures are just above freezing, it'll have a harder time sticking. Therefore, we'll see 1-3" of snow by Tuesday morning's commute, but it'll be a bit more of a complicated situation near the water, even in downtown Baltimore, depending on exact temperature readings and proximity above/below freezing. Expect a low right near the freezing-mark.

      On Tuesday, snow will continue with another 2-4" possible, but near the water and in immediate downtown Baltimore, totals might be on the lower side of that, depending, again, on what side of freezing it is. Again, temperatures will teeter in the low and mid 30s.

      Tuesday night, snow should end by midnight, leaving us with just a few flurries to start early Wednesday. During the day Wednesday, we'll see highs at a blustery and chilly 37 under mostly cloudy skies.

      Thursday through the end of the week and into the weekend, we'll see a cold blast move in. Each day, highs will progressively get colder, dropping from just below freezing for the end of the week and into the low 20s by Sunday. Morning lows will become frigid, with near 20 for week's end and near 10 by the end of the weekend. The good news is that precipitation chances look slim to none with partial sunshine.

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