A community in shock over sibling shootings

    A community in shock over sibling shootings

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A week after a 5-year-old girl is shot, police continue to look for her shooter.

    Amy Hayes was shot in West Baltimore, a neighborhood where roughly a quarter of the city’s vacant properties are located. More than 120 people have been shot there this year, making it one of the most deadly police districts in the city.

    Despite a crime walk last week, where the mayor and police asked the community to come together and find Amy’s shooter, distrust in city leaders remains among residents.

    “We don’t care about the mayor. We don’t have no mayor. We govern our own community,” resident Tyshawn Coleman said during the walk.

    Councilman Brandon Scott says the community is angry about the shooting, but says, ”we just have to make sure we are all turning that anger into action.”

    The suspected killer of Amy’s sister, Taylor, has been caught. Keon Gray is expected to have his murder trial in February.

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