Father Questions Prosecutor/Police Relationship as Son’s Murder is Unsolved

Does conflict between prosecutors & police hurt the crime fight?

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Prosecutors and police are sworn to keep the public safe, but despite that joint mission, conflict between the two agencies can arise.

One father shared his perspective on how that relationship can hurt the crime fight in Baltimore.

FOX45 first shared the story of Mike Makol last summer.

At the time, he wanted to keep his identity secret so he wouldn't hurt the investigation into his son's murder.

Now, with the case still unsolved, this father is speaking up about what he sees between Baltimore police and the city State's Attorney.

In the alley behind his city rowhome, Mike Makol points out his son’s old basketball hoop, bringing back memories of Mike Jr., who would be turning 21 this June.

“Losing a child unexpectedly to homicide is by far the hardest, greatest thing I’ve ever had to endure,” Makol said of his son, killed in October 2016.

Makol first spoke to us last summer. He asked that we protect his identity. He did not want to compromise his son’s case, thinking charges against those responsible were imminent.

The charges never came, and Makol blames the inability of police and prosecutors to work together on the case for it not being solved.

“Their inability to work together and come to some kind of consensus on some of these cases hinders them, and they prevent people from being prosecuted and arrested,” Makol said.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby defended her relationship with police at a recent press conference. She pointed to charges in a murder case of a woman killed two months before Mike, as evidence of a strong working relationship.

“What we’ve showcased today is that coalition, collaboration is actually working,” Mosby said.

Before he resigned from the Police Department, Commissioner Darryl De Sousa defended the police relationship with prosecutors, and how they handle charges in murder cases.

“Cases that are not going to be charged, we work together, and try to come up with ways and solutions to try to tighten the case up to charge,” De Sousa said.

Police say Mike’s case remains open.

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