How to Survive A Carjacking

    How to Survive A Carjacking

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - In June 2018, two teenage carjackers approached a woman and held her at gunpoint.

    She had just parked in Federal Hill to meet her fiancé.

    The two planned to leave from his house to go on vacation, and this was no ordinary trip. The two were recently engaged.

    Shortly after parking, a man with a gun had it pointed at the woman’s head.

    Maryland State Police Sergeant DaVaughn Parker is an expert on carjackings.

    He says that, as cars have become more sophisticated, so has the approach to steal them.

    In an effort to drive down the number of carjackings in Baltimore, FOX45 teamed up with Sgt. Parker to learn ways people can avoid becoming a victim.

    Sgt. Parker said: “You look determined. You look confident. No one wants to deal with someone like that. They're looking for an opportunity, not a struggle.”

    Use your panic button on the key fob to draw attention to yourself.

    The victim said: “Have the phone numbers of three friends or family members memorized.”

    While the victim did everything she was supposed to, she still fell victim.

    She said: “I wish I would have just gone with my gut and not gotten out in the first place.”

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