City Prosecutor Conviction Rate Data Denied

Questions surround SAO Marilyn Mosby's felony conviction rate of 95%

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - As Baltimore City votes for its next top prosecutor, data backing up the current State’s Attorney’s conviction rates, is denied.

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby says she is worthy of re-election. Despite hundreds of court cases dropped because of uncooperative witnesses, the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force, and police body worn camera footage revealing possible evidence tampering, Mosby claims a 95% felony conviction rate for 2018.

Operation Crime and Justice made a Maryland Public Information Request for data that would help verify Mosby’s conviction rates in homicide, rape, and child abuse cases for 2017.

State law mandates agencies formally respond to these requests in 30 days. After seven weeks with no response, the State’s Attorney denied our request for data, saying the case numbers we requested were not in its possession.

The State’s Attorney also denied our request for a written policy on how it calculates its conviction rates.

In 2015, the prosecutors calculated dropped cases into its homicide conviction rate. In 2017, it did not. The conviction rate can change by almost 10% when dropped cases aren’t included in the conviction rate math.

Prosecutors say they stopped including dropped cases after reviewing best practices. The office’s thinking has evolved on the math used to calculate rates, according to Deputy State’s Attorney, Michael Schatzow.

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