Men and the struggle with depression

Men and the struggle with depression

More than 6 million men a year struggle with depression, and that may be only the tip of the iceberg.

Laura Hussey, with Sinclair Cares, explains the warning signs too many men are missing.

Many men don't even know they have depression, because the symptoms aren't what they thought.

They can include fatigue, lack of motivation, aloofness, anxiety, anger, even abusiveness.

Depression can be masked by substance abuse or other risky behaviors.

Psychiatrist Dr. Venkata Sompalli says that, because depression is a disease of the brain, it touches every aspect of life.

Sometimes, though not always, there are suicidal thoughts.

Dr. Sompalli says only a third of men who have depression get treatment.

"The main issue is the men that need most of the help are the least interested in it because of the cultural barriers," he said.

But eight out of 10 cases can be successfully treated.

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