Better for you ice cream toppins

    There is no better way to cool off during a hot summer day than sitting down and having a bowl of ice cream. Theresa Pickett, joins us this morning to share some healthier toppings options you can try during the month long celebration of summer's coolest treat.

    Sneaky Soft Serve Chia Banana Ice Cream Recipe


    2 ripe bananas, frozen

    1-2 tablespoons almond milk

    1/8 tsp vanilla extract

    1 tablespoon Carrington Farms chia seeds


    1. Slice bananas and freeze in a single layer for about 30 minutes.

    2. When ready, blend bananas together with almond milk, vanilla extract and chia seeds. It should take about 15 seconds to get a soft-serve consistency.

    3. Scoop and enjoy with a drizzle of chocolate. (made easy mixing equal parts Carrington Farms coconut oil and cacao powder)

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