FIRST ON FOX: Md. Company Now "Growing' Diamonds; Rare Peek Inside

FIRST ON FOX: Md. Company Now "Growing' Diamonds; Rare Peek Inside

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Crystal and Andy are planning an October Wedding. She is excited to talk about the wedding. But Crystal is even more excited to talk about Andy and how they got engaged. "he like pulls the ring out and gets down on one knee, I’m like oh my God, and he says Crystal will you marry me, I start bawling my eyes out".

Crystal does not know the origin of the diamond. She doesn’t know if it came from a mine, below the Earth’s crust, or if it was made in a factory. She says it doesn’t matter. She says the ring is sentimental, which is it’s real value.

But for the first time, Laboratory made diamonds are being sold in the United States. The lab is located in Maryland.

“We are growing diamond of high quality, we are growing diamond satisfying the needs of industry in many ways,” explained Clive Hill, the President of W.D. Lab grown diamonds.

Hill says the process is complicated, but can provide consumers with a diamond that retails for half the price. “We use our patented technology, and we take a small piece of diamond, put it in a reactor and grow a bigger piece of diamond into a bigger piece of diamond over a few weeks,” Clive adds, there are many patents behind the process, "lots of good secrets".

Scientists explain the diamonds can ‘grow’ in just six weeks in the lab conditions, under lasers. The patented process is called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). The same size diamonds would take millions of years to grow under the Earth’s surface. Under tight security, the lab for WD Lab Grown Diamonds is nestled in the back of an industrial park in Montgomery County. It is the only lab/factory of its kind in the United States. So far, its patented technology has created a 6-carat round diamond that now stands as the world’s only known man-made CVD diamond of its size and shape. Earlier in 2017, the company created the world’s largest CVD diamond. The company’s facility produces a variety of diamonds for both the gem stone market as well as industrial and scientific purposes.

Top retailers across the country already offer diamonds from WD Lab Grown Diamonds, but this first-of-its-kind stone sets a new bar. The company hopes to regularly offer retailers similar stones soon. “We’re excited to be ringing in the new year with our new world record for round lab-grown diamonds,” said Clive Hill, founder and chairman at WD Lab Grown Diamonds. “Our patented technology and industry-leading engineers consistently provide top quality results that only the latest innovation can offer. A round CVD diamond of this size is truly something to see.”

.5 carat mined diamond with the same quality. “ Clive Hill said the consumer has the opportunity to get much more diamond for the same money and why they are choosing lab grown diamonds”.

For more information on WD Lab Grown Diamonds, click here.

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