How to Survive Swatting

How to Survive Swatting

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - For the first time in the United States someone has died during a swatting incident.

Swatting is the false reporting of an emergency that results in swat teams being sent to a location where there is no emergency.

What started among gamers has become more mainstream. Neighborhoods are being locked down as bomb squads and swat teams surround homes suspecting there’s a serious threat.

For the caller, it’s a game.

Lt. Wes Forchion is the assistant commander of the special operations division for Maryland State Police.

Forchion sat down with Fox45 to discuss the relatively new hoax and how people should handle themselves if they’re the ones being swatted.

Just this year, a Catonsville man was federally prosecuted in a swatting case.

The FBI investigated Zachary Lee after Howard County authorities surrounded his apartment complex in Ellicott City. As far as police knew, Tyran Dobbs had a loaded gun, explosives and, hostages he allegedly planned to begin executing. The entire scenario was a hoax.

Dobbs was in the apartment sleeping when the call from a man in London was made. Dobbs still suffers from the injuries he sustained during the incident.

Forchion says, “If the police are outside your house, and you come to the door and they tell you put your hands up and walk towards us, then put your hands up and walk towards us.”

While Forchion says members of law enforcement are discussing the issue of swatting, he says their response to an emergency can’t change.

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