Is a 'smart home' a smarter home?

Is a 'smart home' a smarter home?

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - From the bedroom to the dining room, many homeowners are racing to equip their homes with wireless, technologically-advanced devices which promise convenience and efficiency.

“We’re barreling, bulldozing, headfirst into this technology,” said Pikesville homeowner Kate Kheel, who’s launched a campaign against the devices.

“What’s suffering is our privacy, cybersecurity, our environment, our kids,” said Kheel.

Questions about the devices surfaced this summer when the makers of the wireless, robotic vacuum called Roomba admitted it was mapping and collecting the dimensions of homes.

At first, manufacturers hinted they may sell the data to online marketers but later denied it planned to do so.

Privacy attorney Anne McKenna says consumers should beware of the personal information which the makers of smart devices are collecting.

“We continue to integrate devices into our home for matters of convenience without any real federal or state regulation or any control over what the devices do with the information they collect,” said McKenna.

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