Is Your Cutie Carrying Cooties?


BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Do you ever wonder where your dog’s feet have been or what kinds of germs those paws might be bringing into your homes?

We’re swabbing for answers.

Bubba, is an 11-year old wiener dog. Kyla Possinger, Bubba's proud mom, says pets become like your kids and like kids they're not afraid of getting dirty.

But how dirty is dirty, and what exactly are these cute little paws bringing in to our homes.

We brought in Christin Reuter, the manager of Sinai Hospital's Microbiology Lab.

She swabbed Bubba’s feet and three other dogs and placed the samples inside an incubator at 37 degrees Celsius, which is considered the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Then 48 hours later, the results are in.

Bubba’s paws had roughly 10 different types of bacteria.

The other three dogs had several types of bacteria as well. Two of them had fungus.

As scary as it sounds, Christin says it doesn't pack much of a bite and is very normal. She says our houses do not offer the right conditions for fungus to grow and survive and says as long as you have a healthy immune system, you have nothing to worry about.

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