Photography group honors families of children who died

    Photography group honors families of children who died

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The living room in the Straw family home is filled with toys.

    Sammy, a 4-year-old, loves to chat while he shows trucks to his younger brother Caleb. But their mother Sara, has a photo album of her other son, Lucas, on the living room table.

    Lucas died, and it’s the photos that help her get through the grief.

    Sara Straw delivered the baby, still born, and she held him. She explained, “They pulled him out and put him on my chest and we have pictures from that moment, and we got to hold him he was still warm."

    Sarah and her husband, Paul, treasure those few moments that they had with Lucas. It was during that difficult time, a professional photographer came to the hospital to help them capture that only moment they had with their son.

    Sara said: “She just quietly captured our grief in a very difficult season."

    The photographer, Jennifer Didio, volunteers with a non-profit.

    "Now I lay me down to sleep" is a band of volunteer photographers who go to the hospital to help capture that moment during this crucial time.

    Didio explained: "It’s an opportunity to step in to what is the most painful moment in the person’s life, to pull something important, precious out of it."

    Sara said: "When the dust settles, just to have those [photos] is a gift, such a gift."

    The non-profit is now looking for more professional photographers who will volunteer their time.

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