Victim or Survivor?: What would you do?

Victim or Survivor?: What would you do?

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were to be attacked? How you would respond? If you could fight back?

Megan Gilliland participated in a simulated attack to see if she could get away.

"I tried everything you always say you're going to do, kicking him in the groin, the throat, the eyes, I couldn't do it," Megan said.

So where did she go wrong. For starters, she never heard him coming with ear ear buds in.

Brian Kushner, coaches Krav Maga and Martial Arts at Roundhouse in Columbia. He says he saw a moment, a fleeting second, she could have done something but missed it.

"I heard an attacker out of you, and as it kept going on your voice changed you became a defender," Brian said.

She also stopped screaming and closed her eyes.

Kushner says knowing how to fall can also help. He recommends tucking in your chin and starting to kick right away. That can give you time and space to get up and get away.

He also recommends running with pepper spray or even a running stick which can be used for self-defense and also as a deterrent.

"They're looking for an easy prey, if you're running with something that says I’m ready to defend myself as horrible as it sounds they're going to go after the next person not you," Brian said.

When every second counts, Brian says you need to constantly ask you yourself, what do you would if, and be ready.

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