BPD organized crime ring brought down by RICO


BALTIMORE (WBFF) - As the Baltimore Police Department remains under investigation by federal authorities, a high-ranking member on an organized crime ring that once operated within the BPD accepts a federal plea deal.

Wayne Jenkins said: “I'm ashamed of myself.”

After Jenkins’ sentencing, his attorney tried to explain what corrupted his client. Steve Levin saying maybe something happened during his time in the military or with the police department.

The death of Jenkins’ son was also brought up as a contributing factor. Jenkins also used his son’s death to avoid appearing in court for a case, as FOX45 reported last year.

A Crime & Justice investigation discovered Jenkins was at work that day. A federal indictment noted officers of the disbanded Gun Trace Task Force would often fail to appear in court to conceal their criminal activity, which, for Jenkins, dates back to at least 2010.

Under the plea deal, Jenkins admits to robbing and extorting people he and other GTTF members would arrest.

Homes would be searched and, if drugs and money were discovered, the officers would then obtain search warrants. Money would be kept instead of turned over as evidence.

Proceeds from the sale of drugs split among the officers. For years, the officer’s criminal activity was shielded by a badge that brought a level of protection and a great deal of power.

Federal agents brought down this organization, much like the mobsters prosecutors have pursued in the past, utilizing the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO).

Jenkins is the sixth officer out of eight to admit guilt. He’s scheduled to be sentenced April 12.

During that hearing, victims will provide victim impact statements. In court on Friday, federal prosecutors discussed watches belonging to some victims dive teams recently discovered.

Passed in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act is designed to combat organized crime in the United States.

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