Claims that Det. Suiter stole money draw sharp reaction

Claims that Det. Suiter stole money draw sharp reaction

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Countless questions remain unanswered in a case that continues to baffle investigators.

The murder of Det. Sean Suiter came one day before he was scheduled to testify before a federal grand jury on police corruption.

Shortly after, then-police commissioner Kevin Davis dismissed any connection to his death and his planned testimony.

"So while I understand that the wild possiblities that go through people's minds when we all want answers, I just am determined to follow the evidence," said Davis at the time.

But during Monday's corruption trial, former detective Momodu Gondo testified that, years earlier, he and Suiter stole money from residents and split the proceeds.

Gondo's testimony is already drawing sharp reaction.

Michael McCormick, a former Baltimore police officer who is now a forensic investigator, is challenging Gondo's credibility.

He's closely followed the Suiter investigation and the corruption trial.

"He was indicted, he pled guilty to this case several months ago," said McCormick. "Why didn't we know several months ago about Detective Suiter's involvement?"

As a rookie cop more than 11 years ago, Gondo was shot and wounded after getting off work.

A suspect was charged more than a year later but not convinced when Gondo wasn't able to identify the gunman.

As for this trial, McCormick believes Gondo's testimony makes no sense.

"But I find it just interesting at this point in time, this late in the game, that this individual is now bringing up Detective Suiter's name and Detective Suiter is certainly not here to defend himself," he said.

Police call the allegations in the trial disturbing, and they're working the FBI to respond to claims made by various defendants in this corruption trial.

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