REPAIRING TRUST | Balt. police forms new Corruption Investigation Unit


BALTIMORE (WBFF) - As the corruption trial continues, a new unit will be in charge of weeding out the bad apples in the Baltimore Police Department.

Baltimore Police Commissioner-Delegate Darryl DeSousa has formed a Corruption Investigation Unit that will specifically focus on the actions of the Gun Trace Task Force.

Tales from federal court reveal accusations of rampant overtime fraud, planting evidence, stealing money and taking bribes - all from those sworn to serve and protect.

Former FBI Agent Dr. Tyrone Powers said: “The department can no longer worry about being embarrassed about corrupt cops. They have to worry about getting corrupt cops off the streets out of the [police department] so the good officers can do their job and protect and serve the citizens of Baltimore.”

In light of the trial, DeSousa, is wasting no time forming a Corruption Investigation Unit that will be led by a Lieutenant Colonel.

Powers says the unit can help repair public trust if the officers are properly vetted.

“This has to be a really special unit with really special qualifications, and the prerequisite [that] the people in that unit have to be drug tested at any time, face a polygraph anytime, so then you know you have a clean unit and mission," said Powers.

Councilman Brandon Scott says he's looking forward to learning more about the unit at the commissioner's confirmation hearing.

“Clearly, it’s necessary. Clearly, big-time change is necessary within the department,” Scott said.

“A lot of citizens think this is an ‘I told you so’ moment for them, but we have to go from this [to], how do we not get to that point again? How do we repair this? We cannot allow things like this to continue," he said.

Powers says now is the time for police to make a thorough and aggressive public move to weed out any moral ambiguity among the force.

“The public is saying we have to do something,” Powers said. “The courts are saying we have to do something. If you’re watching the trial and the judge, the judge is saying, 'This is like the movie "Training Day."' You have to do something. This is a move the new commissioner has to make.”

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