Testimony Continues in Police Corruption Trial

Testimony Continues in Police Corruption Trial

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Testimony continued Tuesday after a corrupt former Baltimore City Police officer took the stand against two other former officers who were part of the Gun Trace Task Force.

Momodu Gondo detailed in court Monday how he and other officers stole money from suspects over the years he was employed by the police department.

He gave great detail about overtime fraud and named other officers he said were involved in the schemes, including slain Detective Sean Suiter.

Gondo even spoke about a fatal police involved shooting, alleging that it was murder and that a high ranking officer had helped to cover it up.

Some law enforcement officers who have been following the case, question Gondo's credibility.

An FBI agent testified about the investigation into the officers, who said they were tipped off.

The agent said they did not do much surveillance because they did not want to be detected.

The testimony continues in the trial of Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor, both members of the now disbanded Gun Trace Task Force.

Monday, acting Police Commissioner Darryl DeSousa said the department was creating a unit to focus specifically on the actions of the disbanded unit.

The state rested its case just after noon on Tuesday.

Daniel Hersl decided not to take the stand.

FOX45's Joy Lepola is in the courtroom. Follow her on twitter for up to the minute updates.

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