30+ grenades found by resident in Dorchester County

30+ grenades found by resident in Dorchester County

HURLOCK, Md. (WBFF) - A person collecting recyclables along a road on the Eastern Shore discovered what are believed to be dozens of military ordnances, reported the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office Tuesday.

A total of 38 grenades, nine of them live, were found off of Bobtown Road in the Hurlock area of Dorchester County.

The Maryland State Police requested the state fire marshal's bomb squad on Monday, and officials secured a perimeter around Bobtown Road while the ordnances were recovered.

The 38 grenades include 19 devices with a fuse but no explosive filler, and 10 inert devices.

"The devices were determined to be hazardous and procedures [to render them safe] were conducted immediately at the scene; in addition six devices were transported to a nearby County landfill where they were counter charged," reported the Maryland State Fire Marshal in a news release.

No injuries or property damage was reported.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to call 410-859-7152 or 410-822-3101.

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