'Public Enemy Number 1' Darryl Anderson Sentenced to Life Plus 240 Years

    Former Baltimore 'Public Enemy Number One' Darryl Anderson, was sentenced Tuesday to life plus 240 years.

    Anderson was sentenced for multiple violent offenses including two counts for murder in the second degree, and six counts of attempted murder in the second degree. In 2013 Gennie Shird and Michelle Hitchens were shot and killed on Elmora Avenue when Anderson open fired on 7 women and one man.

    According to the Baltimore City State's Attorney's office the co-defendant, Tierra Fallin, recruited Anderson to kill the women. Fallin was also sentenced to life plus 240 years.

    Assistant State's Attorney Angela Diehl prosecuted the case.

    "There are consequences to your actions, especially when there are multiple victims," Diehl said.

    A yearlong manhunt for Anderson crossed several state lines. He was apprehended in Birmingham, Alabama.

    "I commend the witnesses in this case for exemplifying courageousness to stand up to two murderers in open court," State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby said. "If we as a community stood up to those with a reckless disregard for human life more often, our city would be a safer place."

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