7-YEAR-OLD SHOT | Analyzing footage 'is not as easy as it is on 'CSI'"

    7-YEAR-OLD SHOT | Analyzing footage 'is not as easy as it is on 'CSI'"

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - High-tech analysis could help Baltimore City Police find the driver of a white Mercedes wanted in connection to the shooting of 7-year-old Taylor Hayes.

    Police released images of the vehicle Monday. But using the images captured by CitiWatch cameras to help find the driver could be difficult.

    “As you can see, the image is extremely grainy,” said Interim Commissioner Gary Tuggle at a news conference Monday. “We’re going to try to have it enhanced."

    Investigators say federal partners, perhaps the FBI, will help get the job done by using forensics analysis on the video.

    “It takes a well-trained person and a lot of time,” said David Notowitz, founder of National Center for Audio and Video Forensics in Los Angeles.

    Notowitz is the lead forensic expert at the company and is familiar with the techniques used to help enhance video that can often help in police investigations.

    “It’s software combined with hardware,” said Notowitz.

    Notowitz, who’s looked at the video of the white Mercedes for us, said one technique used is a process that stacks video frames to create a clearer resolution.

    "That technique is called 'frame averaging' and it allows you to take the best parts of each frame and using them so that we can maybe get a license plate. One of these clips I know it's not [going] to work, but the other one, it may be a chance it works," said Notowitz.

    Police say it can be a timely process.

    “It’s not as easy as it is on 'CSI,' believe or not,” said T.J. Smith, spokesman with the Baltimore City Police Department, referring to the popular television crime drama.

    "I can't speak for the police on what's the process that they're using and why it's taking the length of time its taking, but it's technology and technology takes time sometimes to investigate, to use and come up with results," said Notowitz.

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