A NEW LANSDOWNE? | Staff, parents push to replace Lansdowne H.S.

A NEW LANSDOWNE? | Staff, parents push to replace Lansdowne H.S.

LANSDOWNE, Md. (WBFF) - During a visit to Landsdowne High School in southwestern Baltimore County, Maryland Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford was told of numerous structural problems.

Landsdowne High was built in 1963 and parents and teachers say there are plumbing problems, electrical problems and classrooms with no central air-conditioning.

Baltimore County school officials say the school will undergo a $60 million renovation over three years, which should resolve the problems.

But some parents say they would prefer the entire school be replaced.

Diane Bergman, who says her child will attend Landsdowne High this fall, says the school should be totally replaced.

"I'll never change my mind about that, not renovated over three years, a new school," said Bergman.

Jim Melia, a longtime teacher at the high school, said: "Landsdowne has not changed. The building is falling apart; the space and design needs are not going to meet a 21st-century style school."

Rutherford says the state has "put a tremendous amount of money into the Capital Budget and particularly school construction. Some of it is working with the county to see what the priorities are. We know a number of people want a new school here, and we'll see."

A spokeswoman for Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz says the county's decision to replace Dulaney High School is a move to reduce overcrowding in the county's central corridor.

Last year, Kamenetz only vowed to fund a major renovation of Dulaney High.

But last week, Kamenetz announced that funding would be secured to completely replace Dulaney, estimated to cost $125 million.

But some parents and teachers at Landsdowne say if Baltimore County can find the money to replace Towson and Dulaney High schools, their school should be treated equally.

Jim Melia said: "While we're excited for those communities having their needs met, Landsdowne High School needs their needs met as well."

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