Adnan Syed case remanded to the Circuit Court for Baltimore City

    The Maryland Special Court of Appeals has remanded Adnan Syed's case to the Circuit Court for Baltimore City.

    Syed's case gained worldwide attention after the popular podcast Serial. The podcast became a phenomenon and the case surrounding it became an obsession for thousands who became cyber sleuths and digital detectives. It's the story of then-Woodlawn High School students, Hae Min Lee, who was murdered, and her ex-boyfriend, Syed.

    "This remand, among other things, will afford the parties the opportunity to supplement the record with relevant documents and even testimony pertinent to the issues raised by this appeal," court documents state.

    The Maryland Special Court of Appeals said it believed, "that a stay of this appeal and a limited remand to the circuit court is in the interest of justice."

    The Appellant has 45 days from May 18 to re-open the closed post-conviction proceedings.

    Syed was convicted in the Circuit Court of Baltimore City of first-degree murder, robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment following a jury trial that ended on February 25, 2000.

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