Another noose found at Anne Arundel Co. middle school

    Another noose found at Anne Arundel Co. middle school

    PASADENA, Md. (WBFF) - A noose has been found for the second time at a Pasadena middle school, after public concerns were raised about racist incidents in Anne Arundel County.

    The principal of Chesapeake Bay Middle School wrote to the school community Wednesday about "a noose made from a sweatshirt drawstring hanging in the upper level of a stairwell" by an employee at about 8:05 a.m.

    A toilet-paper noose was also found at the school last month.

    Principal Michael Dunn said school officials and police identified the person responsible for Wednesday's noose.

    He said the consequences will be determined by the Code of Student Conduct and applicable law, and could not discuss any further details.

    "A School Resource Officer was immediately alerted, proper evidence was gathered, and the noose was removed," said Dunn, calling the incident "disturbing and unacceptable."

    "Since this occurred in the midst of student arrival, I am unsure how many students saw the horrible image, but it was taken down as quickly as possible," he continued.

    Dunn said he is "beside myself that I have to write to you again to not only describe this horrible deed, but to share an exasperation that I know is shared by many of our students and families. Most of our children come to school

    every day excited to see each other, their teachers, and to learn. The amazing things that happen inside these walls on a daily basis transcend the small-minded, weak acts that I have to keep writing to you about. While I may be

    tired of such negativity, I am far too inspired by the promise of our students to allow hate and bigotry to have any presence in our school. This is not just a letter, this is a notice that we will not stop at building and maintaining a community where

    everyone is respected."

    Dunn also urged parents to speak to their children "about how hate, bigotry, and intolerance have no place in our school, community, nation, or world."

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