Anti-police graffiti hits new Hampden apartments

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Graffiti reading "KILL COPS" was removed Tuesday from a Hampden apartment complex. "I believe it happened Sunday night, and I noticed it yesterday morning, and they were out here first thing today," neighbor Crystal Whitman said. "And, I looked across the street, and the first thing I see is this big, 'DIE' spray-painted on the building, and then I saw 'PIGS' next to it." Neighbors and construction workers say the building under construction on W. 38th Street has previously been the victim of vandalism. Crews last week removed a fence, which served as a barrier during the construction. A street light on the corner of Chestnut St. and W. 38th Street has been out for a while, as well. "This is something that's been very strong in our community lately with people trying to send this kind of message," Whitman said, who was careful not to jump to conclusions on who might be responsible. "It seems like it was kids causing trouble." Baltimore City Police did not return inquiries regarding whether they took a report or have suspect(s). Additional graffiti reading "DIE PIGS" and "PIGS" on the south side of the building will be removed in the coming days by a contractor, according to construction staff.

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