Firefighter hurt at apartment fire in White Marsh area

Firefighter hurt at apartment fire in White Marsh area (Submitted photo)

WHITE MARSH, Md. (WBFF) - A two-alarm apartment fire was reported at the Eagles Walk Apartment Homes, off of Rossville Boulevard in the White Marsh/Rosedale area.

A firefighter was taken to Shock Trauma with non-life-threatening injuries at the blaze, reported on Stonecutter Court, according to Baltimore County fire crews.

The Red Cross was helping five to 10 displaced occupants, reported county officials.

FOX45's Shelley Orman reported that some were left with nothing afte rthe fire.

It was contained to one building in the complex; neighbors said at least six units were affected.

The fire was contained to one building in the complex. Neighbors say at least six homes inside are affected.

FOX45 spoke with the mother and daughter living on the top floor, in the apartment that appears to be most the badly burned.

"I could see the smoke so I'm, like, 'What, something’s on fire?'" said Danecha McKisset.

She and her 5-year-old daughter Riley were on their way home when they saw the smoke and firefighters in their apartment complex.

They soon realized the flames were coming from their unit.

"This is a mess," McKisset said.

The mother and daughter have lost everything.

"My apartment was burned the worst. You can see straight through it," she said.

It's their first apartment.

"I've been here since September, so, very new," the mom said.

Five-year-old Riley's most worried about her lost toys.

"I wanted to go inside, 'cause my Ipad was in there," she said.

Mom Danecha promises all the toys will be replaced. She's thankful they're both safe along with all their neighbors.

"Everyone made it out of the building. That's the most important thing," she said.

Neighbor David Malinowski said: "This is tough... Whatever happened, they got it out rather quickly."

McKisset and Riley will be staying with family as they figure things out.

"We're going to find a new apartment," Riley said. "But now, we're gonna live with my grandmother at her house."

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