ATTORNEYS SPEAK| "He's a kid that panicked when a gun was put in his face"

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Attorneys representing a teenager charged with the murder of a Baltimore County Police Officer held a media briefing Thursday.

Attorneys Warren Brown and J. Wyndal Gordon alongside the mother of Dawnta Anthony Harris spoke about the charges against the teen in the murder of Officer Amy Caprio and what Harris said happened during the stop.

J. Wyndal Gordon is questioning why Officer Caprio drew her weapon & fired during the traffic stop.

Warren Brown said, "They make it sound like he drove at her... he told them his head was buried down in the seat."

Brown said Harris acted out of fear when the officer drew her weapon, "He's a kid that panicked when a gun was put in his face."

Brown says the teen did not have a history of violence, saying he wouldn't have any reason to be violent to a police officer, "It makes sense that he would get away from her, it makes sense that he would duck down."

Harris' mother, Tamika Wilson spoke offering condolences to the Officer's family.

She said Harris' first arrest was in December and she'd asked the juvenile justice system to detain him at a recent hearing because his arrests were becoming a cycle.

Wilson said she and the State's Attorney's office requested that Harris be detained, the judge released him.

Dawnta Harris is being held without bail, his preliminary hearing is set for June 15th.

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