'Bags & bags' of animal remains found in Elkridge woods

    'Bags & bags' of animal remains found in Elkridge woods

    ELKRIDGE, Md. (WBFF) - Construction workers made a disturbing discovery in Howard County: bags and bags of animal remains, and they have no idea just how many remains were discarded.

    Sherry Llewellyn, spokesperson for Howard County Police, said: “We found enough to suspect a large number. We can’t say for sure if it’s dozens or hundreds, but enough that it’s certainly a concern.”

    Construction crews led police to bags of animal remains that had been dumped in the wooded area next to the Rosa Bonhuer pet cemetery off Washington Blvd in Elkridge.

    The cemetery has not been operational since 2003. Crews recently began construction on the wooded lot next to the pet cemetery.

    Llewellyn says the bags of remains were discovered on Tuesday.

    “Most of the land had been excavated and covered in heavy mud. But it did look like a large number of bags were on the property. We removed what we could and began to investigate.”

    The property was formerly owned by William Anthony Green. In 1997, Green filed for bankruptcy after facing civil and criminal charges for improper disposal of animal remains.

    Howard County police believe the freshly uncovered remains are decades old.

    “Based on the condition of the remains, our experts at animal control believe they have been there since before 1997,” Llewellyn said.

    Police are linking the remains to Green. Llewellyn says the investigation is complete since Green died several years ago, no one else will face charges.

    Volunteers who maintain the cemetery say they will provide appropriate burial for the remains and a memorial marker in the cemetery.

    The first elephant from the Baltimore zoo, several combat dogs, and even mascot dogs from the Washington Bullets are buried in the cemetery.

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