Balt. Co. Council blasts Kamenetz's plan to fund Dulaney H.S.

Balt. Co. Council blasts Kamenetz's plan to fund Dulaney H.S.

TOWSON, Md. (WBFF) - After Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz agreed to fund a new Dulaney High School building, County Council members say they plan to oppose him.

Six of the seven council members wrote Kamenetz a letter Tuesday saying they "strongly object to the inclusion in the FY 2019 budget of funds for the planning of a new Dulaney High School."

"Your announcement of this decision reverses the clear, logical decision you made less than one year ago, and it is not warranted by the fiscal realities this County faces," wrote council members Julian Jones Jr., Tom Quirk, Vicki Almond, David Marks, Cathy Bevins and Todd Crandell in the letter.

"What has changed in the intervening year to justify your change of position? We are very mindful of the pressing needs of Dulaney and other deserving schools, and we recognize that the political landscape has changed," the council members continued.

Kamenetz's Chief of Staff Don Mohler responded in a letter to the council that "a new Dulaney High School with 350 additional seats, along with a new Towson High School, is the most cost-effective solution."

"According to BCPS enrollment data, no additional seats are needed in the southwest area which includes Lansdowne High School," continued Mohler in his letter. "However, we fully support an extensive renovation similar to recent renovations at Pikesville and Hereford."

The letter also notes that "the central corridor will need more than [1,000] new high school seats in the next ten years," according to recent projections.

The debate over replacing two Baltimore County public high schools - Dulaney and Lansdowne - has been heating up, and become a political pawn.

Gov. Larry Hogan, who will challenge Kamenetz to keep the governor's seat in the next election, visited Dulaney High School Monday and Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford visited Lansdowne High.

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