Baltimore City Schools Implement New Programs

Baltimore City Schools Implement New Programs

(BALTIMORE, MD)--Baltimore City Public Schools is identifying 55 schools that will receive new support, including staff and training, in literacy instruction, social and emotional learning, and restorative practice. These "intensive learning sites" will become resources for schools throughout Baltimore, as the district moves to extend high-quality educational opportunities across the city and accelerate implementation of its blueprint for success.

Literacy 20 schools will each gain a dedicated literacy coach to support teachers as they improve instruction in English language arts, along with providing targeted professional development tailored to needs at individual schools. National experts in literacy instruction will reinforce professional learning for staff with additional on-site coaching. A goal of the district's blueprint is to build a generation of students who comprehend deeply, think critically, and express themselves powerfully, positioning them to meet and exceed rigorous academic standards and access the opportunities they need for future success.

Social and emotional learning 20 schools will receive focused training in supporting students' social and emotional learning, a key component of the blueprint's emphasis on engaging students and fostering their learning by recognizing them as whole individuals.

Each school will have an inviting space where students can reflect and decompress, with a trained staff member who works with them on developing constructive behavior and connecting them to academic support or other services. Research has shown that social and emotional learning and "noncognitive" skills are important for student success.

Restorative practice with support from Open Society InstituteBaltimore, 15 schools will receive intensive training from the International Institute for Restorative Practices, the Community Conferencing Center, and others. Restorative practice promotes positive school environments and works to build healthy communities, another area that is essential to addressing student wholeness.

The intensive learning sites have been identified through a competitive application process, with successful applicants selected based on factors including school type, location, and capacity and commitment of staff to adopt this new approach to fostering staff and student growth.

"By focusing on these carefully selected schools, we will create experts across the city who will become mentors for other schools and allow us to expand," said City Schools CEO Sonja Brookins Santelises. "With this step, we are beginning to create a citywide community of high-quality instructional practice. By building the capacity of our school leaders and staff to support our students academically, socially, and emotionally, we are building the next generation of leaders for Baltimore and the world."

In addition to establishing these intensive learning sites, the district is continuing implementation of its blueprint with focused professional development for all traditional (non-charter) schools in the areas of literacy and student wholeness. More about the blueprint can be found in "Building a Generation," available on the district's website at

Intensive Learning Sites


Abbottston Elementary School

Augusta Savage Fells Savage Institute

Booker T. Washington Middle School

Callaway Elementary School

Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary School

Dallas F. Nicholas, Sr. Elementary School

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Elementary/Middle School

Federal Hill Preparatory Academy

Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School

Highlandtown Elementary/Middle School #215

John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School

Joseph C. Briscoe Academy

Lockerman Bundy Elementary School

North Bend Elementary/Middle School

Reginald F. Lewis High School

Stadium School

Tench Tilghman Elementary/Middle School

Vanguard Collegiate Middle School

Woodhome Elementary/Middle School

Yorkwood Elementary School

Social-Emotional Learning

Achievement Academy

Carver Vocational-Technical High School

Collington Square Elementary/Middle School

Cross Country Elementary/Middle School

Curtis Bay Elementary/Middle School

Dr. Bernard Harris, Sr., Elementary School

Excel Academy

Guilford Elementary/Middle School

Gwynns Falls Elementary School

Hilton Elementary School

Johnston Square Elementary School

Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School

Mary E. Rodman Elementary School

Moravia Park Elementary School

NACA Freedom and Democracy Academy II

New Song Academy

Patterson High School

Pimlico Elementary/Middle School

Steuart Hill Academic Academy

Thomas Jefferson Elementary/Middle School

Restorative Practice

Alexander Hamilton Elementary School

Bay-Brook Elementary/Middle School

Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy West

Harford Heights Elementary School

Holabird Elementary/Middle School

Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School

The Mount Washington School

National Academy Foundation

Thomas Johnson Elementary/Middle School

Westport Academy

(additional schools to be named in collaboration with Open Society InstituteBaltimore)

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