Baltimore County firefighter to perform National Anthem at Ravens game


When he's not fighting fires, he's singing in a cover band or performing musical theater.

This weekend, a Baltimore County fire fighter will appear on his biggest stage yet.

Jake Stuart's singing the national anthem at M&T Bank Stadium at Saturday's Ravens game.

He's a firefighter with Dundalk's Eastview Fire Station.

"I'm a fire apparatus driver operator, so I drive the fire engines and the ladder trucks," Stuart says.

When he's not working you'll often find him singing.

"I'm also in a band so I sing on the side there. I do musical theater. So I sing on the side there," he says.

Despite his experience with theater and his band, Soundtown Baltimore, he says he's still a little nervous.

"It is the biggest crowd I've every sang for and I'm not used to a stadium," he says.

So how does one prepare for singing in front of 60-70,000 thousand fans?

"I practice in my car. That's it," he says. "I don't sing in front of anyone else. But I practice in my car when I'm driving around. That's the most I've done, but I'll get one sound check tomorrow before the game."

Stuart's family will be by his side Saturday.

"My wife will be on the sideline with me and my mom's gonna come just to watch me sing."

His fellow firefighters know he's singing.

"They do and they harass me for it obviously," he laughs.

But even they haven't gotten a preview.

When asked if he sings in the fire truck, Stuart says no.

"I do not cause there's an audience in here," he jokes.

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