Baltimore loses out on bid for Amazon's second headquarters

Baltimore loses out in it's bid to Amazon

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- Baltimore did not make the final list in its effort to lure Amazon to the city, along with the 50,000 jobs the move would have created.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh says she’s disappointed, however, "if you don’t get in the game you don’t get a chance to be chosen or not chosen."

At a news conference in City Hall, Mayor Pugh answered questions about the Amazon proposal while surrounded by the City’s economic leaders. But the Mayor denied that crime played a role in Amazon’s decision to reject Baltimore’s proposal. She stated, “Take a look at the list there are cities on that list that have comparable crime rates. We may never know what the factors were as it relates to the amazon decision".

The Mayor says the package offered to Amazon was ‘solid’, and she plans to use it to offer to other potential companies. “I think we had a great proposal and so I don’t think there is much we would change, when you think of port Covington as a ready-made area for development they are continuing to look for investments and opportunities."

Almost every major city in the United States was hoping to win the bid with Amazon.

This is Amazon’s list of finalists:

The remaining 20 places are:


Austin, Texas



Columbus, Ohio




Los Angeles


Montgomery County, Md.

Nashville, Tenn.

Newark, N.J.

New York City

Northern Virginia



Raleigh, N.C.


Washington, D.C.

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