Baltimore mayor clarifies comment about not 'having time' to follow police trial

Baltimore mayor clarifies comment about not 'having time' to follow police trial

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh tried to clarify a comment she made Wednesday that she "didn't have time" to follow the disturbing allegations against officers in the former Gun Trace Task Force during their trial.

Pugh took to social media early Thursday, explaining: "Of course, I am well aware of the ongoing trial of officers... Be assured, we are addressing the culture and practices of the Baltimore Police Department in a way that will engender the highest level of trust and confidence our citizens want and need in those who are sworn to protect and defend."

Her clarification comes after a question posed by Baltimore Sun reporter Ian Duncan, who asked if she's been following the testimony of the trial.

Pugh answered: "No, I have not; no, I have not. Look, I have to run the city, I don't have time to sit in the trial."

Duncan replied: "Not in the trial, but have you been meeting about it?"

Pugh said: "I have not had a chance; I don't even get a chance to read all the articles that you write. I don't have time to read articles, but we do hear some of the testimony that's taken place, and I think, as anybody is, would be, surprised in our community, would be surprised by some of the allegations that have been made some of the testimony that has been had. But again, the reason we have a consent decree is because of some of the activities that have been portrayed by a few members of our police department, the majority of our police department go to work every day to protect the citizens of Baltimore."

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