Baltimore mayor on 2018 MLK Day: "See you at the parade"

Baltimore mayor on 2018 MLK Day: "See you at the parade"

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh seemed to reverse course after word that she was cancelling the 2018 MLK Jr. Day parade drew protest.

The mayor said on Twitter Tuesday evening that residents will not have to choose between the parade and a Day of Service after all.

"Why choose - we can do both!" she said. "See you at the parade & visit to share volunteer opportunities!"

In a transcript of the community meeting where she explained her position, Pugh said "What we wanted to do is have a day of service as well as a battle of the bands, but I'm going to tell folks - I'm about pleasing the citizens of Baltimore. This is not us against them this is not one initiative against the other, if people want to march down Martin Luther King Boulevard we’ll make sure that that happens, but we're also going to create a day of service because we've already got these organizations and individuals signed up for the Day of Service."

She continued, according to the transcript: "We're going to do Battle of the Bands. We can move that to probably sometime next summer, but again we want to make sure everyone is happy in the City of Baltimore. We've got a lot of things to focus on. Violence reduction, creating [jobs] and reducing unemployment in the City are real top priorities. So a parade is not a big issue for the citizens. If that's what they want we’ll make sure they have it."

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