Baltimore rapper stabbed in the neck publishes carnage on Facebook Live

Baltimore rapper stabbed in the neck, publishes carnage on Facebook Live (Facebook courtesy Tyree Colion)

BALTIMORE - Police are looking into the stabbing of a rapper in the Baltimore area after he published a live video showing the bloody carnage on Facebook.

"I'm losing too much blood," Tyree Colion is heard saying in the video as he he asks someone to put pressure on his wounds.

According to police, the 41-year-old rapper was listed in stable, but critical condition after he was stabbed in the neck around 11:30 at the 1700 block of East 29th street Sunday night.

WARNING: Video contains graphic images and explicit language

"Yo, if I die, it's all good," Colion said while livestreaming.

Facebook users watching the video live reacted asking if anyone was sending help or if Colion was going to survive.

People witnessing his struggle are heard screaming in the background as he continues to ask for more pressure on his injuries.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Baltimore Police stated it was a domestic-related incident.

"We believe there is another relative that's responsible for this incident," stating detectives were seeking charges on that person, though their identity was not released.

Colion is known as a safe-streets activist in the community, though police don't believe his role relates to this incident.

"He is a victim of someone who's known to him, basically related to the family who decided to settle a dispute with a knife in this case."

Police ask anyone with information on the incident to contact them with any details.

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