Baltimore Teachers Union rejects Trump’s call for firearms training in schools


The Baltimore Teachers Union announced Tuesday it does not support President Trump’s recent call to train and arm specially qualified school personnel, on a volunteer basis.

The measure is part of Trump’s plan to better secure schools following the mass shooting where 17 students were killed in Florida.

“First of all that’s not our job,” said Marietta English, President of the Baltimore Teachers Union. “Our job is to educate our children. I think it’s going to create more of a problem when you have guns in the schools. We are trying to get away from gun violence. We need more guidance counselors, more psychologists and smaller classroom sizes. That’s what we do need. That is what will help us identify children who have needs, and help us identify children who have a tendency toward being violent, especially in the high school.”

The Union President Tuesday also called on Maryland’s government to take a strong stance on the idea and reject any federal funding meant for arming teachers.

Fox 45 reached out to Governor Larry Hogan’s office Tuesday. A spokesperson reiterated Hogan already said he was against arming teachers. The Governor also recently committed $125 million to bolster school security.

“Measures including secure doors and windows, metal detectors and security buttons,” said Hogan, in a previous interview.

Hardening schools isn’t all Trump laid out.

The President also moved to strengthen background checks, mental health reform and a newly formed Federal Commissioner that will study, recommend and propose funding for school violence prevention.

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