BATTLE IN CARROLL COUNTY| Residents raise concern over possible commercial development

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A group of homeowners in Carroll County is concerned about their drinking water becoming contaminated with some commercial development.

It’s a battle homeowners have fighting for more than ten years.

At issue, is an 18,000 square foot repair shop planned to be built in Finksburg.

Nearby homeowners fear runoff from the new business and potential containment leached from its septic system will create problems eventually for property owners who have wells.

Clark Shaffer who represents Crossroads Repair told members of the Carroll County Zoning Commission, “This is a vehicle repair shop.

They're not uncommon.” Tom Bartosiewicz Jr. says, “People will be drinking the contaminants and probably getting sick before they start looking at the wells.”

Despite the Commission passing of the businesses site plan, homeowners say this will likely end up in court over the matter.

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