"Bawlmerese" goes viral in new Facebook video

"Bawlmerese" goes viral in new Facebook video

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (WBFF) - A Baltimore-area native who moved to San Francisco decided to make a video capturing his family's mastery of "Bawlmerese."

Posted on Dec. 26, Phillip Schwarzmann's Facebook video has gone viral in just two days, getting 671,000 views and more than 13,100 shares as of Thursday evening.

"People from Baltimore speak a dialect known as 'Baltimorese,'" explained Schwarzmann in the Facebook post. "What is it? Let my family, at Christmas dinner, explain."

Schwarzmann humorously asks his mom to pronounce "water" - it's "wooder," of course.

Someone else says "pixture" for "picture," and "amblance" for "ambulance."

Aunt Peggy explains why Bel Air Road is pronounced "Blair Road" and "down the ocean" is "downy ocean."

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