B.G.E. facing possible fines for response to winter storm in March

B.G.E. facing possible fines for response to winter storm in March

BALTIMORE -- WBFF -- B.G.E. is facing possible fines for its response to a winter storm back in March.

The Maryland Public Service Commission is reportedly accusing the company of underestimating the storm's power and taking too long to restore electricity to its customers.

It was the biggest storm to hit Maryland since Hurricane Sandy and left some 700,000 people without power. The Commission wants B.G.E. to come up with a corrective action plan.

B.G.E. says, "Every weather event is an opportunity to learn from our experiences and improve all aspects of our storm performance. We are carefully reviewing the Public Service Commission Staff’s analysis of BGE’s performance during Winter Storm Riley, one of the most damaging severe weather events in the company’s history, to see what further improvements can be incorporated into our storm preparedness and response processes and procedures.

This may include filing a corrective action plan, including improvements to delivering outage information and estimated times of restoration. While there are opportunities for improvement, BGE met all state requirements to restore service as quickly and safely as permitted, detailed in our report to the Commission.

As a consequence, we believe that a fine is not warranted and we welcome the opportunity to offer areas of improvement that will better serve our customers during future severe weather events. "

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