Faulty BGE smart meter overcharged Hampden woman $4,700

Faulty BGE smart meter overcharged Hampden woman $4,700

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A Baltimore woman says she has been notified by BGE that a faulty smart meter in her home resulted in her being overcharged more than $4,700 over four years.

Elaine Wilson, who lives in Hampden, said she always suspected she was being overcharged for energy, particularly for gas.

But when she contacted BGE to complain, utility officials urged her to have an energy audit conducted on her home which she did.

As a result, Wilson says she spent nearly $3,000 to improve energy efficiency, which included new insulation and new weather-stripping.

Wilson says BGE assured her that "'you're going to see a big difference in your utility bills.' That didn't happen, not at all."

She produced a letter from BGE in which company apologized for the over-billing problem.

In the letter, BGE promised to reimburse Wilson for the discrepancy in billing.

In a statement, BGE said: "Through an internal review, we discovered a programming error which resulted in the customer being overbilled. As soon as this was identified, we corrected the programming issue, mailed a letter of apology to the customer and processeda re fund to the customer. The customer is currently receiving bills that reflect actual usage."

After receiving the letter, Wilson said: "Well, I couldn't believe it. I guess I was in shock."

She added: "I want to be reimbursed, because, after all, it's my money they're holding, that I'm losing interest on, and the billing is cloudy, anyway. It's really hard to figure out exactly what you're paying for what."

Wilson says she contacted BGE again to request reimbursement for the energy audit and repairs she made to her home as a result.

She says BGE said would review her complaint and make a decision in one to two weeks.

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