BOY STRUCK BY CAR | 'Who hits a kid and leaves him to die?'

BOY STRUCK BY CAR | 'Who hits a kid and leaves him to die?'

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore police are looking for the driver of a taxi that hit a 10-year-old boy and kept going. The child’s family is doing something now that could help police find the driver.

Allen Bell is the boy’s uncle. He was out with family, going door-to-door Wednesday evening asking neighbors with video surveillance systems to check their footage.

Baltimore police say 10-year-old Christopher Bautista was riding a skateboard on Bank Street near South Chapel Street Tuesday evening, June 12, when the driver of the yellow-colored taxi cab struck the boy and kept going.

Christopher is in the hospital now with critical injuries, including a lacerated liver.

“It’s been really hard. He’s got two collapsed lungs; he’s doing really bad. I mean, the machines are doing everything they can, but it’s really just up to him from this point,“ said LaDonna Lacy, the boy’s aunt.

“It’s my baby brother. He’s, like, that’s my own baby,“ said Khristina Bell, the boy’s sister, holding back tears.

“I love all my siblings like they’re my own. Seeing him like that, he’s, like, so lifeless,” she added.

As Bell stood in front of one of the homes visibly frustrated. He wondered what happened.

“Like, who hits a kid and leaves him to die, you know. That’s what I’m upset the most about at the moment,“ said Bell.

Police have also been in the neighborhood talking to residents and looking for any surveillance footage that might help in the investigation.

“If you are the driver of that yellow cab van that was in the area of Bank Street, you hit someone,” said T.J. Smith, Chief Spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department. “You hit a child; turn yourself in, explain what happened. It could be a logical explanation."

At this time, police can’t confirm if the driver works for the actual Yellow Cab Company. The company’s general manager told FOX45 News that he’s working with police and doing everything he can to get some answers.

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