BPD: Detective's firearm had discharged, murder suspect may be injured

BPD: Detective's firearm had discharged, murder suspect may be injured

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Det. Sean Suiter's firearm was fired "more than once" and his killer may be injured, said Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis in a Friday afternoon press conference that also warned the media about spreading false information.

The suspect remains at large, despite a reward that is now up to $190,000, as "money is a motivator for some people," said BPD spokesperson T.J. Smith at the press conference.

Police are nevertheless "a moment away" from "breaking this case wide open," said Davis. "We are looking at every possibility."

The crime scene on Bennett Place is also expected to stay up through the weekend, said Davis.

Police have recovered Suiter's firearm, he said. Although they only recovered one gun, it does not mean only one gun was involved, he said.

Davis said the crime scene is being held because they are continuing to get tips and "once we release the crime scene, we can't get it back."

"I do understand the temporary inconvenience with residents," he said, adding: "I personally interacted with residents in Harlem Park myself... and they understand why we're there... The Baltimoreans who live there, they understand why we're holding it."

T.J. Smith thanked the community for their love and "respect," noting "it means a lot to the agency."

He also warned again that some GoFundMe pages are not verified by Suiter's family. He did know of one, called Smoking Shields, that was legitimate.

Smith also thanked media for "continued exposure" but warned that "wrong information has been put out by reporters who claim to have sources."

He said one reporter claimed Suiter was walking up the steps when he was shot.

"That's unequivocably false, and that type of information is damaging to the investigation," said Smith. "We want to be as open and as transparent as possible but our main goal ... is to catch the person responsible for the crime."

He also said that although there was a vehicle accident involving the officer transporting Suiter to the hospital, it did not affect Suiter's condition, as other officers were immediately able to take him out and get him to Shock Trauma.

That accident had nothing to do "with his unfortunate passing," said Smith, explaining Suiter was "shot in his head and had serious, serious injuries."

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